Lavashak (persian fruit roll) grandma style!

Those of us who grow up in Iran and were lucky enough to be spoiled by a loving Persian grandma know how these are made. In the summer time my grandma would gather all her grandchildren together.  We would gather fresh summer fruits, make lavashak, and memories that would remain with us for a lifetime. You can buy lavashak at any Persian store, but if you taste the homemade version, you can never have the store bought type ever again. For the betterment of all, here is the instructions to make homemade lavashak:

30-40 plums.
Half a cup water.
1-2 lemon or lime worth of juice.
That’s all you’ll need! No sugar or 200 ingredients you can’t even pronounce, much better than store bought!
1- Wash the plums.
2- Unpit the plums.
3- Mix the unpitted plums, water, and lemon/lime juice together and place them in a non-stick pot.
4- Boil them all together on a low setting until a small portion remains. Make sure to stir it frequently so the bottom doesn’t stick.
5- Puree the plums in a food processor or blender.
6- Pour out the mixture on a tray and spread it out evenly.
7- Cover it with cheesecloth and and let it sun dry by a window for 3-4 days.
Hope you enjoy it:)

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